Going Live

If you have completed the following steps,

  • Adding Applications
  • Adding Client Instances
  • Generating API Credentials
  • Verifying Data Connection

Then, the next step is to take your Portal Live to start seeing your insights in the Qualetics Portal.

In order to switch the portal to live mode, click on the Go Live toggle on the top right corner of the screen.

Demo Mode Active
Demo Mode Active

A confirmation screen will display that you can accept to proceed.

GoLive Status Change Confirmation
GoLive Status Change Confirmation

The toggle should become active if this step is successful. The blue notification bar describing your demo status will also be going away once your application is live. You should also see a banner notification confirming the change.

GoLive mode enabled
GoLive mode enabled

From this point forward, the insights displayed on the Software Quality Analytics, Product Analytics and My Data Spaces page will display insights derived from the data being streamed from your SaaS product.

Updated 02 May 2022
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