Software Quality Analytics

Almost all companies today have at least some if not most of their customer experience managed through software interfaces, whether they are hosted software solutions, web-based, or mobile apps. Beyond the energy invested in crafting an effective digital experience for their customers many companies find that they spend even more time and resources providing customer support for the software, monitoring it’s effectiveness, and on updates that achieve less than optimal results. For too many companies, the traditional approach of reacting to issues reported by customers is still the norm.  

What Core Problem is Qualetics Solving

Assessing the quality of software applications is cumbersome, expensive, indeterministic, subjective, and a constant challenge for software development firms. More advanced companies employ automated monitoring systems to perform health checks that monitor latency and system errors but they stop short of monitoring user behavior and providing meaningful, real-time insights when users are impacted.

Qualetics is a plug-and-play solution enabling proactive management of a company’s software experience that tracks user flow and behavior, touchpoint friction, a range of usage anomalies, performance lags, uptime/downtime analysis, and software errors and their frequency and severity.