Adding Client Instances

What are Client Instances?

Client Instances work in conjunction with Applications. For B2C SaaS products, there may be only one instance whereas for B2B SaaS products, each customer instance can be treated as a separate Client Instance.

At least, one Client Instance is required in order to generate API Credentials. In order to create a Client Instance, please follow the steps below.

Click on Add Client Instance, from the Client Instances tab

Client Instance Setup
Client Instance Setup

Enter the Client Instance details

In the popup screen, enter the Client Instance Name first and then choose the Application created in the previous screen that you would like to associate with the Client Instance.

The Client Instance ID is a unique identifier automatically generated but this can be modified if you prefer something easy to read.

Client Instance Setup
Client Instance Setup




Client Instance Name


Name of the Client Instance. This can be anything of your choice and is only used to identify the client instances enabled for your account Client Instance name cannot be changed once created

Associated Application


The Application you would like to associate with the Client Instance. The Application should be created first in order to select in this screen

Client Instance ID


A unique identifier automatically generated for each Client Instance

View/Modify Client Instances

Any Client Instance created will be added to the Client Instance list screen as shown below.

The Associated Application and Client Instance ID can be edited by clicking on the Pencil icon under Action column.

Client Instance List
Client Instance List

Adding Multiple Client Instances

You can add multiple Client Instances as allowed by your plan limits. Please contact your administrator or write to us at support@qualetics.com if you would like to know what your plan allows.