Adding Applications

What are Applications?

Applications are the primary objects for enabling integration between your SaaS product and Qualetics. An application can be a Website, Web Application, Mobile Application or any software based application.

We recommend that for each SaaS product that you would like to collect and analyze data, an application account be created in Qualetics.

In order to create applications, please follow the steps below -

Click on Add Application from the Applications screen as shown below

Application Setup
Application Setup

Enter the details of the application you will be connecting to Qualetics

Enter the details requested in the popup screen and click on Create Application

Application Details
Application Details

Field Name



Application Name


The name of the application. This can be anything you prefer. Each application name should be unique. Application names cannot be changed once created

Application Type


You can choose Web, Mobile or Service depending on the type of the application Application type cannot be changed once created

Application Domain

URL (string)

The domain under which the application will be operating from. For example: qualetics.com. If the application is a Mobile app or Service app, simply enter your website address

Application Hostnames

URLs (string)

Applications can be setup in multiple environments such as stage, development or production and they can all have different hostnames such as dev.sitename.com, stage.sitename.com, localhost etc. Please enter all such hostnames here if you prefer to restrict the data streaming from only approved hostnames. This can be left blank and in such cases, all activity from the Application domain and Application subdomain will be allowed. If the application is a Mobile app or Service app, you can leave this blank.

View/Modify Applications from the Application List

Any application created will be added to the Application list screen as shown below.

The application domain name and host name can be edited by clicking on the Pencil icon under Action column

Applications List
Applications List

Adding Multiple Applications

You can add multiple applications as allowed by your plan limits. Please contact your administrator or write to us at support@qualetics.com if you would like to know what your plan allows.

Updated 01 May 2022
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