Data Streaming

Qualetics platform provides insights on data collected using the API we provide. The data will need to be transmitted using one of our available SDK's to collect and stream data.

There are two types of data collection -

  • Automatic Event Data Collection
  • Custom Event Data Collection

For data to transmitted to the Qualetics platform, it needs to be generated as part of an event in an application. Events can be a User Loggin In, Buying a Product, Searching for a specific product, Submitting a product review or any similar transcation.

For qualifying events, the following data has to be sent as part of the events -

  • Actor - The person performing an action in an event
  • Action - The specific action and the type of action
  • Context - The context under which this action is being performed. This usually can be referred to interchangeably as a Feature in your application
  • Object - The specific object being used in the event.

For example, in an ecommerce transaction, the Actor is the Buyer, Action is Buying, Context is the Page or screen where the product is being bought and Object is the actual product being bought.

Updated 08 Feb 2022
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