Error Rate

  • This chart depicts a master view of the error rate classified as errors encountered by the users because of bugs, defects, latency issues, and user friction points because of low software quality.
  • The errors are classified as error per user, error per day and error per context. Context indicates certain specific features of the application which emanate user friction points and lower the overall software quality
  • The chart also depicts the percentage change (increase/decrease) in the errors per user, errors per day, and errors per context in the last 7 days over the previous 7 day period
  • Lower the errors per user, errors per day, and errors per context, the better as this indicates a higher software quality and vice versa. As a result, logically, the lower will be the percentages for each errors per user, errors per day and errors per context in such a case

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Error Rate Master View
Error Rate Master View

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Updated 22 Mar 2022
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