Setting up your database

In order for Qualetics to help with your analytics, a dedicated database will be setup for each customer once they register on our portal. On your first visit to the Qualetics portal, you will see the following message on the home page.

Database setup notification
Database setup notification

Demo Mode

Your account is created in a Demo mode by default for you to experience the Qualetics platform before you connect any application to Qualetics. As long as the account is in the demo mode, you will be seeing the blue notification bar at the top of the screen on all pages in the portal.

If you would like to know how to turn off the Demo mode and if you have already connected your applications to Qualetics, go to Going Live

Database Setup

The database designed to hold your data will be setup upon completion of your portal registration process. This may take anywhere between 2 to 10 minutes to complete. Once the database setup is complete, the progress bar will go away and you will see a button that says "Connect Your Data", as shown below.

Database Setup Complete
Database Setup Complete

Click on the button "Connect Your Data" to proceed to the Application and Client Instance Setup screens to begin your application integration.

Updated 01 May 2022
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