Welcome to the Qualetics platform!

We are glad that you have made the decision to better understand your applications, users and your customers using the best tool for advanced analytics and AI.

Here are the key steps you need to follow to integrate Qualetics into your Applications and start analyzing data.

  1. Sign up with Qualetics. See Creating your account
  2. Identify the applications you would like to track to analyze their Software Quality, Performance, User Behavior and Customer Behavior.
  3. Setup the applications in Qualetics, see Adding Applications
  4. Setup the account for which you would like to track data. These could be your customers or your internal accounts. See Creating Customers
  5. Get the API credentials for the Applications and Customer Accounts you created. See Generating API Credentials
  6. Integrate your application using one of the SDK Integrations we provide.
  7. Verify that your data is streaming correctly. See Verifying Data Connection
  8. Sit back and watch as we do the rest of the work generating insights to help you with data to power your decision making.

Now lets get started!